08 December 2009

Bill Henson

I have been familiar with Bill Henson's work for quite a long time and I have been loving it ever since the first time I saw him. His unique way of creating loneliness and desirearound his subjects is probably the main reason why I am so touched by his work. Henson's photographs are romantic and the space he creates for his subjects is always veiled in dim and mystic light.
You may be familiar with his work because of the controversy that led to his show in May of 2008 being shut down and the images seized to what some people thought was child pornography.

04 December 2009


5x4 paper negatives, 40 mm focal length with 0.02 cm pinhole.

I just need to fix the light leaks on the left and the right, which were normal to appear due to my "construction" (a rubber band attaching 5x4 darkslide to a wooden box).

30 November 2009

12 October 2009

05 October 2009

01 October 2009

27 September 2009

23 September 2009

Fashion: Classic

AUCB 1st year project

22 September 2009

Days with my father

Phil Toledano's stunning photo essay...I've read it an year ago and reading it again today touched me the very same way like before...

Days with my father

Mary Frey

Mary Freu is an amazing photographer and you must make sure you have a look through all of her projects since they are all very different. Her latest project involves the wet plate collodion process and taxidermied birds and animals. "Family, Friends and Strangers" is personal favourite of mine.

Mary Frey

20 August 2009


19 August 2009